Thursday, May 12, 2016

Journal books

Hello my wonderful friends,

How is everyone doing?  Looks like Spring is finally
here.  And with beautiful weather comes beautiful weddings.
It's true when they say things come in 3's.  I know 3 couples 
that got engaged.  And so I made a journal for each of them.
I used the same paper stack "House of Roses"  
For a close look at the first 2 books, check out my 
You Tube video  Journal books .
And here they are:
This one is for a co worker on mine.  She's very sweet and
has a good heart.  I'm very happy for her and so I want to wish 
her the best.  Congrats Lucy and Jose!!!   

This one is for one of our own.  Olga!! She's Madstamper64 on YT.  She's a
 great crafter and a sweet heart as well.  She just announced her engagement.  
Congrats Olga and Ernesto!!
I wish you guys the best!

And last but not least.  This one is for my future sister in law.  
She's a sweetie pie.  I'm very happy for my brother. 
Congrats Danny and Catalina.  Love you guys! 
Here is the video for this Journal.

My best wishes to all of you.  

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