Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sketch 18 and Barbie cake

Hello friends!!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.  I've had a pretty busy week and weekend.  My youngest grand daughter is now the big 2.  So every thing has been about her.   Well I guess we've enjoy it as much as her.  

So here I am, last minute me!!!!!!!  I wanted to do sketch #18 with Graphicat but things kept getting in my way and today while doing laundry I though, humm I can do it right now!!!!!  So I did.  I used the Indie chic "citron" paper.  And with just a few hours to spare.......  Tada!!!!

And this was is the Sketch 

But wait I have more.  In September I showed you a barbie cake I made for my 4 year old grand daughter.  Well when I asked the younger one what she wanted for her Birthday,  guess what she said. Yup!  A barbie cake.  And here is her cake...

And because she is so stinky cute.   I gave her the card I made for Graphicat's sketch last month.  It was perfect for her, and she loved it.  I'm telling you, I think am hooked on their sketches.

I hope you guys enjoyed my latest project and I will be back soon with another project.
Take care my friends.



  1. Oh I love the paper you used on the card. So pretty. Hope you are safe from that storm. Any damage?

    1. Hi Iley :-) Yes, we are safe. The winds were crazy and one of my window that was messed up already just got worst. But nope.. there was no damage.